by: Thusitha Jayawardena

Ella is a charming village perfect for relaxing and best for someone who loves nature and it is situated in the “Uva” province in Sri Lanka and surrounded by green hills. So easily you can stay a few days in Ella to explorer it. There are plenty of accommodation options available in Ella and many budget homestays in Ella available for a reasonable price with almost all a beautiful view of the green mountains. Please see below to find the best boutique and luxury hotels in Ella.

Ella is becoming a more popular tourist hotspot in recent days and they don’t miss to experience the famous train journey from Kandy to Ella.  The train journey takes seven hours and the most beautiful part of the train journey is between Nanu Oya and Ella. 

Things to do in Ella

1. The train trip to Ella from Kandy:   Hopefully you have seen millions of great travel photos posted on Instagram about the amazing train journey to Ella. 

This dramatic train ride will get you chance of viewing some of the magnificent sites of Sri Lanka’s hill country, stunning waterfalls, breathtaking views, long tunnels, and tea plantations are common. You will not miss the “Nine arch bridge” dating back to 1921.

The train tickets can be purchased at the train station on time or online via this website.

A happy traveler experiences the train journey to Ella  (Credit Instagram)

2. Take photos of the Nine Arches Bridge: Here’s a wonderful walk for those who get off the Demodara from the falls to Kumbalwela and get on a bus to Badulla. The distance is close to 3 km. Get off the railway line from Ella Station and walk to the right. Within an hour you can reach the bridge of nine arches.

3. Day Excursion to Lipton Seat & Dambatenne Tea Factory from Ella: “Lipton’s Seat” is the highest point in the slopes of Poonagala close to the Dambatenne Tea Factory. The tea smells amazing and a great way to learn the production process of the tea. Please contact via this website for more details.

4. Hike to the Little Adam’s peak: A great place to see the early morning sun service and the beautiful “Ravana Falls”, which is falling apart at 400 feet. It takes at least an hour to go from Ella town to the top of the mountain. and the total journey is at least 3 km.

5. Afternoon tea: Why don’t you try afternoon tea at  98 Acres Resort & Spa? It is an elegant hotel that stands on a scenic 98 acre tea estate, surrounded by a stunning landscape. After a break, you can walk to the famous Nine Arch Bridge Viewpoint as it is just 2 kilometers away. From there it’s only a 45 minutes walk back to Ella.

6. Ella Rock: Located in the latter part of the Poonagala Range, the ‘Ella Gala’ is a unique view of the terrain of Mount Ella Gala. The climb, which is nearly 500 feet in length, takes about an hour and a half, but the entire journey is more than 3 kilometers.


Accommodation In Ella

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