by: Dhananji Liyanarachchi

Camping and things to do in Meemure

The locals called it “Meemure” originally due to the many mee trees found in the area. There are many ways to reach Meemure but the only way to reach Meemure is from the ‘Hunnasgiriya’ by a vehicle. The camping in Meemure is an unique experience and it helps you to get one step closer to nature.

Meemure is a quiet rural village surrounded by a mountain range (which belongs to the Knuckles mountain range) .The village is located in the Kandy District in Sri Lanka. 

The village has a long history and evidence shows it is older than 5,000 years. Meemure is a beautiful, unique village with mountains, waterfalls and paddy fields that helps to attract many visitors  to Meemure. The village covers approximately ​​700 acres and around 400 locals happily live there.

The villagers are friendly and very welcoming. I feel they are very supportive.  Please make sure you respect them.  

Credit to the original video owner

Things To Do In Meemure

Unfortunately, Meemure is becoming a tourist hotspot. Villagers complain that many locals visit there as large groups and their intention is to get drunk then destroying this natural paradise by adding garbage and litter. So if you travel to Meemure or any other place please be a responsible traveler.

There are many beautiful places you can visit while visiting Meemure 

  1. Meemure Village Cycling Tour  –  This is a private cycling trip (4-hour) to the village of Meemure from Kandy with well-experienced cycling guides(s). This tour allows you to chat with locals and discover their lifestyles in Meemure. For more details visit viator.com
private cycling day trip (credit to : viator.com)

2) Water activities in seven waterfalls – Many people visit Meemure to enjoy its waterfalls and the village is enriched with natural water springs and waterfalls.

One of the waterfall in Lakegala – Credit to Travel with me

3) Night Camping – You can experience the greatest camping adventure in Meemure and that is one of the great ways to explore Meemure. You can stay at a campsite and enjoy BBQ dinner at night. It gives you a chance to experience nature more closely with great fun.

Night Camp in Meemure (Credit to Nature Camp)

4) Trekking Lakegala – Lakegala mountain famous for hiking trails and a couple of waterfalls such as “Nawathna” waterfall, “Ravana fall”. Lakegala is located north of Meemure.

who likes to join for hiking in Meemure or Lakegala? (credit to original photographer )


Accommodation In Meemure

Travelers visit Meemure because of its nature. It is a paradise for nature lovers.

Living in such an environment for a day or so of a busy life is great freedom for the mind. Why not try camping in Meemure? There are so many camping options available in Meemure. We hope this helps.

  1. Camp Tea Forest – https://www.facebook.com/campteaforest
  2. Meemure Forest Lodge & Camp site – https://meemure.business.site/
  3. Nature camp – http://naturecamplanka.com/ 

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