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If you are a beach person simply you can’t miss out on Mirissa. Just walk through the sandy beach and you will soon realize why people visit Mirissa from all over the world. We can help you to find perfect accommodation In Mirissa.

Mirissa by air – Credit Youtube

Mirissa is very popular among tourists and locals and it can get pretty busy during the weekends and it is located in between the Unawatuna and Thangalle and it has a lot to offer apart from the golden beach surrounded by palm trees. There are so many great restaurants with delicious dishes on the menu. 

O Mirissa Cafe Bistro is one of the best place for lunch. Credit TripAdvisor

There are many places to relax and better visit there at the end of your journey through Sri Lanka. You can do many activities while you stay at Mirissa so there are enough things to do besides chilling at the beach.  See below great things to do in and around Mirissa.

Things to do in Mirissa 

1) Whale watching – Over 60% of travelers, who visit Mirissa are participating in Whale watching as an activity and it is a unique and unforgettable experience. The best time to see Blue Whales is from July to April.

The Sri Lanka Navy’s passenger craft “Princess of Lanka” has been used for “whale watching project” since 30 January 2011 and it departures from the port of Galle. It needs to sail roughly 30km  away from land to see the whales and dolphins. You will be able to get all the information from their website below. There are many other private boat services available in Mirissa.

Photo credit to traveltriangle.com

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2) Take a selfie at “palm tree photo” on coconut tree hill

The travelers tend to take “palm tree photo” here and the place became very popular through Instagram. This place is not far from Mirissa and it is full of perfect shaped palm trees with a gorgeous view of the ocean. So it is a perfect spot to shoot a few photos or it may be good to propose someone you love.

Don’t forget to take a shot Credit Kristina

3) Day trip to Galle

Galle is 38km away from Mirissa. You will find various old fortress walls,  street shops, and many historical buildings in Galle.  

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Accommodation In Mirissa 

Mirissa is the fastest growing tourist destination In Sri Lanka and it is filled with a great range of accommodation options. You will find a wide variety of hostels, boutique hotels, guesthouses, and gorgeous hotels in Mirissa. 

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