Boutique and luxury hotels in Sigiriya

by: Thusitha Jayawardena

Sigiriya is located 6km away from the Inamaluwa junction road on the  Kurunegala Dambulla road. Sigiriya means lion rock.originally, the entrance to the rock fortress was built in the form of a lion. the ruins of that image still look like giant lion feet on either side of the staircase leading up to the palace. We offer a wide range of boutique and luxury hotels in Sigiriya. 

Sigiriya is surrounded by Nuwaragala and Galinda mountains in the East Kandalama mountains in the south, Lenadora Arangala mountains in the west, and Ritigala mountains in the north. 

Declared a World Heritage Site in 1982, it is an archaeological site belonging to the Cultural Triangle. The Sigiriya Rock and it’s palace, including the Kandy and Malaka water Parks, the western gardens, the trenches, and the walled eastern terrain make Sigiriya an extraordinary archaeological site for local and foreign tourists. 

The average temperature in Sigiriya is around 27c and it is very dry and humid. So It is good to find a boutique and luxury hotels in Sigiriya with a pool to cool down after a long day.

Things To Do In Sigiriya

Sigiriya is a unique design. Experts say that Sigiriya is actually a building complex.

1.The royal palace at the top of the rock

The most important part of Sigiriya is its royal palace.

2.Brick lion image

The most striking feature of the Sigiriya is the lion’s foot at the foot of the rock. Historical sources say that these brick feet belong to a lion. Legends say that there was a large lion statue in the past.

3. Wall paintings

The Sigiriya Scenic Section is part of the frescoes. These paintings are found in many caves in the Sigiriya rock. In fact, Sigiriya is famous for its frescoes.

Sigiriya Frescoes are exquisite 1600-year-old paintings of the beautiful women of king Kasyapa’s harem. (Photo credit to Instagram)

4. Concave wall

The mirror wall is another evidence of Sigiriya’s glory. On the mirror wall, there are bird songs. These are not high-quality poems, but they lack creativity and taste. Many people who visited Sigiriya expressed their views on these murals.

Accommodation In Sigiriya

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