Top 9 Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka with Kids

by: Angela Walker
Sri Lanka beach. Photo credit: publicdomainpictures.net

Photo credit: publicdomainpictures.net


There is no better family vacation than one that is seen through the wonder in the eyes of your children, and you can still experience that surprise by visiting one of the most untouched areas of the world, Sri Lanka.

Located off the coast of India in South Asia, Sri Lanka is an island of lush landscapes, indigenous wildlife, and a rich culture and history.

Here are 9 reasons why you should plan your next family vacation to Sri Lanka:       

1.  Safety:  Whenever you encounter civilizations that have been around for thousands of years, you are bound to encounter strife and wars. Following a brutal civil war that ended in 2009, the social discord and uncertainty has settled leaving nothing but an island to explore. It also means a time for revival. The economic growth spurred by tourism has allowed the island to grow by 100% since 2009.

2.  Family-friendly resorts:  One search on roomslanka.com and there is no shortage of resorts and hotels catering to kids including award-winning all-inclusive packages. Choose from spots perched high in the mountains or right on the beach.

3.  Cost:  Hotel or resort costs start at 30 pounds per night and up to 60 plus for higher-end luxurious stays. Dining, sightseeing and attractions such as safaris are also quite inexpensive. You can always pay more and go very high-end in the 100-pounds plus range, which is still cheaper than most sub-standard hotels in London. Sri Lanka enjoys beautiful weather all year round, so you can save a bit more by booking during off-peak travel times.

4.  Food:  Diverse backgrounds mean diverse dishes. The Indian influence brings savory plates of rice, curry and perfectly prepared veggies. Kids
will love a pancake-style snack made of flour and coconut called, hoppers. Fresh seafood is caught right off the island and delectable desserts are the perfect compliment to the dining experience made from fruits such as juicy mangos, pineapples and papaya.

5.  Amazing beaches:  This small island is big on beaches, lots of them. From soft sugary sand that squeaks beneath your feet on Arguem Bay, to wind-swept strands of Hikkaduwa —there is plenty of shoreline to soak up the sun, build sandcastles or just explore.

photo credit: publicdomainpictures.net

photo credit: publicdomainpictures.net

6.  Unique wildlife:  Sri Lanka’s wildlife has continued to thrive thanks to several national wildlife parks that have been protecting its natural inhabitants over 2,000 years. Sri Lankan Leopards, packs of elephants and a variety of rare birds with brilliant colors can be seen at over 100 designated areas that are protected.  Several safari tours are offered for kids of all ages.

7.  Waterfalls:  There are over 100 waterfalls to chase throughout the island of Sri Lanka including Dumhinda, Diyaluma and Boopath Ella, just to name a few. Bambarakande Falls is the tallest at 263 metres in height. The water flows from a rocky surface sequestered by a glade, and in the right light, glistens like dropping diamonds.

photo credit: publicdomainpictures.net

photo credit: publicdomainpictures.net

8.  Year round festivals:  Sri Lanka is an ancient civilization well-steeped in history, faiths and ancient rituals. In fact, any day that a full moon occurs is a public holiday called, Poya. Many of the festivals surround the practice of Buddhism, Hindu, Christian and Muslim religions. One important and not-to-be-missed holiday is, Vesak Poya—a Buddhist holiday celebrating the birth, life and death of Buddah. Vesak PoyaI features colorful pageantry, celebration and ceremony.

9.  Shopping:  Most kids are not big fans of shopping, but Sri Lanka’s bazaars are not your typical trip to the mall. It’s a learning experience that you can literally take home with you. There are 25 different districts on the island of Sri Lanka and each one is unique. Each district is full of bazaars where you can haggle for one-of-a-kind keepsakes such as makara—a mythical animal carved most often from brass or Sri Lanka’s precious sapphires and stones. In fact, Sri Lanka is well-known for its skilled jewelers.