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How to book a holiday with a guaranteed refund during the post Covid-19

by: Dhananji Liyanarachchi

The effects of the coronavirus crisis has been felt everywhere however as lockdown measures are starting to relax we can start thinking about our next holiday booking once travel is allowed again. One of the key questions that we all have in our mind is “how to book a holiday with a guaranteed refund in case the situation continues…”

Covid-19 has a big impact on the travel industry and  many of us fear to make any travel bookings due to the current situation when a possible second or third wave of Covid-19 is possible, unfortunately this is our new reality.

So do we have any way to ensure protection for our bookings?

The good news is yes, if your booking is paid by a credit card this will give you a special protection called “Section 75”, which comes under UK consumer protection law. However, the protection only applies to purchases over £100 and up to £30,000.

This will mean that your credit card company is equally liable alongside the retailer (e.g. travel company) if the item you buy is not delivered or does not match its description.

The rules under “Section 75”,an important UK consumer protection law made in the 1970s, it’s a legal protection put in place so that you will never be in the position of paying off debt for any purchase that you didn’t receive.

Therefore, it is key to ensure that you pay by credit card when you are booking a holiday for maximum protection. More details can be provided by your credit card provider or bank.

What would this not cover?

Generally, deposit required for holiday packages are under £100 and it’s non-refundable this is standard with many package holiday providers. So always check the terms and conditions prior to paying the deposits.  

We all know that it is highly likely that we will have to fulfill some requirements before traveling, but of course, this will be done to give everyone peace of mind and minimize future spread of the virus among us. We need to support the government and local authorities at this difficult time and appreciate their hard working during the pandemic.

You can find more information and Guidance on traveling overseas during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. A best source we can recommend is moneysavingexpert to find out more details about money-saving tips.

We hope that you get an idea about “how to book a holiday with a guaranteed refund” but if you have any further queries, then please email us at info@roomslanka.com

It is always worth to taking the time to check travel insurance and what level of coverage it provides. We all heartily wish for this situation to end so we can return to normal soon. Visit Roomslanka.com for hotel bookings!

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