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Terms and Conditions

“Traveller Terms”


1. Introduction.

1.1 Company Name - Roomslanka UK LTD

1.2 Company Number - 10982950.

1.3 Registered address - Kemp House, 1670, City Road, London, EC1V 2NX.

1.4 A member of Protected Trust Services, member number 5323. Please see 7.3 below.

2. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions the following Terms and Expressions, unless the context otherwise requires, have the following meaning:-

2.1 Roomslanka UK Ltd - The Company.

2.2 Terms and Conditions - collectively this “ Agreement.”

2.3 “We”, “Us”, “Our” - The Company.

2.4 The Services - The Site.

2.5 “You”, “Your” “ The Customer” - The Traveller , Signatory to the contract.

2.6 “Hotel Booking.” “ Room Reservation “- Hotel or Room Reservation.

2.7 “Supplier” - The provider of the hotel or Room facilities.

2.8 The Site - Roomslanka.com

2.9 Owner/supplier of the accommodation - Owner of the the Accommodation/Accommodation Provider .

2.10 Member - registered user.

3. Meanings

3.1 Travel Agent Site:- For the purposes of this agreement this Agreement, Travel Agent Site is - www.Roomslanka.com

3.2 Travel Agent Services:- For the purposes of this Agreement, Travel Agent Services is defined as any and all services and benefits conferred by Travel Agent, including but not limited to, bookings, hotel rooms, providing concierge services, providing holiday packages and providing links to web sites travellers might find helpful.

3.3 Beneficiary:- For the purposes of this Agreement a Beneficiary is any Person availing it self of or benefitting in any way both directly or indirectly from the services if and provided by the Travel Agent.

3.4 Person:- For the purposes of this Agreement a Person is defined as an entity which includes corporations, partnerships, LLC or LTD company or any legal entity or a private individual, or partnership.

3.5 Direct Rental Agreement:- For the purposes of this Agreement the definition of a Direct Rental Agreement is when a Person agrees a rental directly with the Supplier.

3.6 Property:- For the purposes of this Agreement the Property is defined as, the Hotel, Hotel Room, Room, Villa or House as described.

3.7 Listing:- For the purposes of this Agreement the definition of property is that which is described on the Site as available for rental subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Site.

3.8 Booking Confirmation Email:- For the purposes of this Agreement the definition of the Booking Confirmation Email is that email which provides to the Person the Details and Information of their booking and which includes arrival and departures times, dates of the booking and the date ( if 100% refundable ) up to which you may cancel (subject to an administration fee ) see clause 9.

4. Traveller Terms.

4.1 These Traveller Terms, together with our privacy Policy, govern the relationship between The Company and You.

4.2 These Terms and Conditions constitute a legacy binding Agreement between You and The Company, by using the The Site and its services, You acknowledge and You agree to and are subject to The Terms and Conditions of this Agreement and the Privacy Policy of The Company.

4.2 You warrant that You will not use The Site unless You are capable of entering into a legally binding contract.

4.3 We may update or change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice to You and entirely at our sole discretion. This may be done by posting the new version to The Site. Your continued use and access to The Site acknowledges your acceptance of the current version of the Terms and Conditions.

5. Important Traveller Information.

5.1 www.Roomslanka.com “The Site” provides access for You to view information ( with images , text and other content ) relating to properties, room rentals and hotel accommodation. We may also facilitate online bookings and/or other services to allow You to communicate directly with accommodation providers and enter into a Direct Rental Agreement.

5.2 The Company does not become and is not a party to any contractual relationship between you and the Owners of the Accommodation or Accommodation Providers.

5.3 You are responsible for and agree to comply with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to Your use of this Site and its Services and any transaction You enter into on The Site or in connection with Your use of The Site. You agree that each Owner is solely responsible for and agrees to comply with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to its Property, Listing and Rental and the conduct of its business.

6. Property Descriptions and Third Party Content.

6.1 The Company is not responsible for the content of the property listings by Third Parties, Owners or Accommodation Providers.

6.2 When Accommodation is booked directly with Owners/Accommodation Providers, The Company Act solely as an agent.

6.3 You acknowledge that Owners/Accommodation Providers and not The Company are responsible for the accuracy of the photographs and description on The Site.

6.4 The Company is not responsible for checking the identity of the Owner or the condition of the Property. We do not inspect the Property or make any claims as to its safety, or quality.

7. Financial Protection.

7.1 Our membership (5323) of PTS provides financial protection for any Person using our site to book both hotel rooms and package travel. Any monies paid directly to us are held in trustee account and it is fully protected by PTS in the event of our insolvency. (a) Membership of PTS offers any Person the assurance that their payment is fully protected under a trust account. (b) Monies released from the PTS trust account to pay suppliers is backed up by a PTS insurance “Supplier Failure Insurance” this ensures full package Travel Regulation Compliance.

7.2 You agree and accept that The Company has not selected or assembled your travels arrangements. You agree and accept that your accommodation arrangements (hotel only bookings) do not form part of any package and do not fall within the meaning of the Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations Act 1992.

7.3 The Company does not provide any financial cover, by means of compensation or reimbursement for:- (a) any indirect losses, losses associated with any travel arrangements, such as airfares, or transportation costs, contractual losses, consequential losses or losses due to weather or natural disasters. (b) any damage deposits or other funds paid to the Owner/Accommodation Provider that are not returned. (c) any charges, by the Owner/Accommodation Provider, for any over stay or reimbursement requested by you for late arrival, how so ever caused.

8. Indemnification

8.1 You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless The Company and all of its officers, employees and agents, against any claims, causes of action, demands, recoveries, losses, damages, fines, penalties or any other costs or expenses, including but not limited to reasonable legal fees, brought or occasioned by any third parties alleging, arising out of or in connection with any submissions; Your use of Third Party Content or The Site; Your breach of these terms; Your violation of any laws or the rights of a third party or Your use of any property.

9. Administration charge on hotel only bookings.

(a) the administration charge is £6.30.

10. Our Services

10.1 www.RoomsLanka.com ( The Company ) is proud to be a luxury travel service provider under a closed system. We act as a destination specialist fro Sri Lanka and our speciality is selling Luxury Hotels in Sri Lanka. That means only signed members see the rates. There are many ways to obtain our services and we have over 500,000 hotel inventory worldwide.

10.2 Our primary online service is hotel only bookings and offline we do tour packages, events , destination weddings and group tours.

10.3 We provide several types of bookings:- (a) Hotel only Bookings. (b) Packages. (c) Events. (d) Group Bookings. (e) Destination weddings.

10.4 Registered users become members of www.Roomslanka.com and are able to see www.Roomslanka.com rates and offers without restriction. Membership is free. The Company reserves the right to terminate or suspend any account for any reason, including but not exclusively breach of terms of use.

10.5 Members may provide reviews on the service provided by www.RoomsLanka.com based upon the service they receive. This is an option which is at the sole discretion of the customer.

10.6 The offering of a discount by The Company, in a future booking is discretionary. Discounts offered are based upon:- (a) The total value if the booking and the net profit given on that booking. (b) The quality and validity if any review, provided by You, and engagement by you with The reduces and service We provide.

11. Duplicate Bookings

11.1 You acknowledge that You may not hold duplicate reservations for the same hotel for overlapping dates under the same guest name. If booking more than one room at a time EACH reservation must have a unique customer assigned to each room. roomslanka.com reserves the right to cancel any reservation that is considered to be a duplicate booking.

11.2 roomslanka.com is not responsible for and cancellation or no-show fees as a result of a duplicate booking.

11.3 You are responsible for any additional expense, any additional membership or service fee, and/or rate increase incurred as a result of a duplicate booking.

12. Booking, Payment confirmation of Accommodation.

12.1 Search on The Site for Your chosen destination and dates, select your preferred accommodation and go the the final booking page. Please check carefully all dates, prices and destinations of the Accommodation provider details before booking.

12.2 Deposits are not accepted and 100% of the booking is normally payable.

12.3 To be able to confirm the booking you must be authorised to make the booking by all of the named persons. This includes parental or guardianship responsibility for any minors.

12.4 Confirmation of the booking also includes the agreement by all of the parties ( or the parent or guardian of a minor ) to the Terms and Conditions of This Agreement.

12.5 By making and confirming the booking You also became liable for all of the payments under this Agreement.

12.6 please also see clauses 9, 14, 15 and 16.

12.7 cancellation- see clause 14.1, 14.2 and 14.3

13. Package Holidays

13.1 Search on The Site for Your chosen destination and dates, select your preferred accommodation and email to sales team at [email protected] for bookings. Please check carefully all dates, prices and destinations of the package details before confirm your booking.

13.2 To be able to confirm the booking you must be authorised to make the booking by all of the named persons. This includes parental or guardianship responsibility for any minors.

13.3 Confirmation of the booking also includes the agreement by all of the parties ( or the parent or guardian of a minor ) to the Terms and Conditions of This Agreement.

13.4 By making and confirming the booking You also became liable for all of the payments under this Agreement.

13.5 The Company takes a £50.00 deposit, which is non refundable, the balance is payable 60 days prior to travel.

13.6 You may cancel an entire package booking in whole prior to 60 days before you scheduled arrival date.

13.7 You must notify The Company of any cancellations you wish to make by by contacting The Company by email [email protected] or telephone on +44 20 3532 7030.

13.8 The Company reserve the right to cancel any booking where The Company has been unable to receive payment from You in the due date of payment.

13.9 Please also see clauses 14.3, 14.4, 14.5, 14.6, 15 and 16.

14. Changes and Cancellations of the Booking by You.

You may modify, change or cancel you booking at any time prior to Your arrival date by telephone if or email - [email protected],com :-

14.1 if Your booking is within the free cancellation period in accordance with the Accommodation Providers cancellation policy, You will not be charged for the cancellation other than the administration fee - see clause 9.

14.2 You will be charged a cancellation fee by the Accommodation Provider if you are outside of the free cancellation period.

14.3 if Your booking is non-refundable you will be unable to cancel or amend your booking and your payment is non-refundable. The Company, at its sole discretion, and upon provision by You, in writing, of a evidence of reason for the cancellation will send the information to the Accommodation Provider and request a full/partial refund. Any refund will be at the Accommodation Providers discretion.

14.4 If, for whatever reason, You do not arrive at your accommodation on the arrival date, as per Your Booking Confirmation Email, without informing The Company prior to Your late or non arrival, you will be subject to the cancellation policy of the Accommodation provider ( No-Show ).

14.5 If, for whatever reason, You do not inform the Accommodation Provider of any late arrival and do not arrive of the day of your reservation, the Accommodation Provider may cancel the remainder if Your stay and charge You a cancellation fee( ( No-Show ).

14.6 if Your Booking Confirmation Email will show you the last date upon which you may cancel with 100% refund. This is midnight on the date shown and is subject to an administration charge. Please see clause 9.

14.7 You must notify The Company of any changes or cancellations You wish to make by contacting us by email [email protected] or telephone The Company on +44 20 3532 7030

15. Cancellation or Changes to the Booking by The Company.

15.1 Cancellations or changes to Your Booking are set by the Accommodation Provider;- 15.1.1 If the property overbooked or an unforeseen event occurs, Your booking will be cancelled and a full refund issued to You. 15.1.2 If the Booking has been made, in The Company’s own judgement, fraudulently. This includes but is not limited to, the fraudulent or unauthorised use of a credit card.

16. Payment.

16.1 The rate for each room is published on The Company website, mobile site at the time of Your booking on that channel or in the case of a telephone booking as advised to You at the time of booking. 16.2 Room rates are the room rate per night and are inclusive of all taxes, exclusive if all meals and any extras. The Total Rate is the total amount payable in GBP at the checkout. 16.3 All payments are dull in full at the time of booking unless advised otherwise by The Company. You may pay by Visa, MasterCard, or Amex. We are a member of PTS and all f our electronic payments are linked to a specially designated trust account. This provides 100% financial protection for all of our customers. Please see clause 7. 16.4 The Company reserve the right to cancel any booking made where we have been unable to successfully receive payment from the customer on the due date if full payment. 16.5 We do not take any deposit for hotel only bookings, but package holidays we charge a £50.00 non-refundable deposit. The balance of your payment for package holiday is due 60 days before your travel date.

17. Privacy Policy

17.1 Please see our Privacy Policy, We may change our privacy policy and we invite you to review it on a regular basis to keep informed of any updates.

18. Warranties

18.1 Please contact us if you have any problems in the use of this site. We can be contacted on [email protected]/ +44 20 3032 7030 18.2 The Company, its Directors, employees and agents, to the maximum extent permitted by law, disclaim all or any implied warranties with regard to any information, services and materials contained on this site. This includes without limitation any Third Party Information, which may be obtained through any link from this site. 18.3 All information provided through or by this Site is without warranty of any kind either implicit or implied.

19. The Governing Law and Jurisdiction applicable to this Agreement:-

The validity, interpretation and construction of this Agreement shall be governed by the Law of England and Wales and all disputes arising under this Agreement ( including non contractual disputes or claims ) shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.