Whale watching

by: Dhananji Liyanarachchi

Thinking of whale watching in Mirissa? Do you know that it is one of the most exciting activities that you can do during your holiday in Sri Lanka? We have added many details here including my personal whale watching experience with SL Navy boat.

What do you expect to see on a whale watching trip in Mirissa?

There is a high chance of spotting whales from November to April and keep in mind that you are going to see wildlife so spotting whales is not 100% guaranteed. You will able to see blue Whales more often. The other common Whale species are sperm whales, fin whales, Bryde’s whales, and short-finned whales. The dolphins quite common and sometimes you will be able to see turtles and flying fish too.

Blue whale spotted in Mirissa ( Photo credit: whale-watching-mirissa.com)

Sperm whale spotted in Mirissa ( Photo credit: whale-watching-mirissa.com)


When to go?

The best time to go whale watching in Mirissa is from November to April and there is a high chance to see Whales. Generally, the ocean is calm and whales migrate from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere during this time. Therefore from May to October is considered off-season as the ocean is rough and it is not ideal for Whale watching.

How much would it cost?

Approximately  $50 per person and it depends on the supplier.

How long is the trip?

The Whale watching trip in Mirissa takes usually 3-5 hours.  The average trip duration is 4 hours. Many tours start before 7 am in the morning from Mirissa harbor.

You should be at the harbor before 6.30 am.  Many trip organizers serve morning tea before taking off and light snacks during the tour. The washroom and toilet facilities are available on the boat.

Any preparation required?

  • Seasickness

Motion sickness is very common during whale watching. You can minimize it by sitting in the middle of a boat. There is a good guide you can find on the NHS website below.

  • Snack and water bottle

Many tour operators serve snacks and water during the trip but feel free to take your own snack and bottle of water.

Where to book?

  1. Sri Lanka Navy’s passenger craft

    I highly recommend the Sri Lanka Navy’s passenger craft that I used for whale watching. I booked the trip in advance via email (slnwhalewatching@gmail.com).  Please check Sri Lanka Navy’s schedule 

    The service operates at 

    Galle harbor (Naval Base) on every Saturday and Sunday at 0700hrs. It was a very incredible trip and I was lucky enough to see a couple of blue whales and so many dolphins. This amazing trip took roughly 4.30h and we sailed roughly 20 km away from the land until the beautiful island disappeared.

    Contact email: slnwhalewatching@gmail.com

  2. Whale watching Mirissa with Geeth

It seems Geeth and his team provide great service to their clients and I found great reviews left on them. You can find many details from their website.

Contact email: info@whale-watching-mirissa.com


Where to stay?

Mirissa is the fastest growing tourist destination In Sri Lanka and it is filled with a great range of accommodation options. You will find a wide variety of hostels, boutique hotels, guesthouses, and gorgeous hotels in Mirissa.

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