+4420 8611 2570 Call us today for best rates

+4420 8611 2570 Call us today for best rates

About us

Roomslanka has a very simple mission at its core, which is to make a difference in travel. We care as much about your travel as you do, so we built a platform that bridges the gap between you and the hotel.

We aim to tailor make our services as much as possible to ensure that our customers get the best experience that they deserve and it’s worth shouting about.

In the meantime, we’ve opened our platform to real hoteliers to show their passion in the service industry and offer unique experiences, during your stay at the hotel. This creates beautiful lifetime memories that are worth shouting and sharing about with your friends and family.

Our primary location is Sri Lanka, But we have integrated over 200K hotels worldwide. So you are provided choice and quality without limitations.

With your help, we want to make a difference. So for every purchase made with Roomslanka.com, we will donate a percentage of the profits to good causes in Sri Lanka. Together, we have the power to improve the lives of thousands of people, animals and the environment.

This is our story. Now let’s create a story for the future of Sri Lanka.

What we do:

At Roomslanka.com we value members loyalty with us. Providing access to special room rates, offers and add-ons. In many cases these add-ons come absolutely free. Love to hear more? Please visit section 4 in How It works.